Team communication so natural, you just might forget you're working remote.

Hearth gives your remote team the video and collaboration tools they need to feel connected and stay productive.

Bring community
back to your culture.

When teams go remote, company culture and connection can go with them. Whether it’s productive work sessions or lunch room chat, get your team talking and building relationships again.


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Zero friction live meetings.

Have a live meeting with no setup time, no launching the meeting and no hassle.

Customize your communication.

Different teams need to connect in different ways and times, so flexibility is key. Run an all-hands announcement or have a quick 1 on 1 chat with total ease.

Easy onboarding, powerful collaberation.

Bringing on your team members is just an email away. Getting the conversation started happens from the very first log in.


Distributed companies save time with Hearth by easily collaborating across teams, departments, offices and countries.

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